The Politics of Life and Death

“What was at issue was not whether the prison environment was too harsh or too aseptic, too primitive or too efficient, but it’s very materiality as an instrument and vector of power it is this whole technology of power over the body that the technology of the 'soul' - that of the educationalists, psychologists and … Continue reading The Politics of Life and Death


Living in the Un-magical Maya Bazaar

Mayabazzar slum in Bangalore. “During the time of Indriaamma, way back in 1960s, the army were about to bulldoze us at a labour settlement in Shantinagar ward. We ran overnight for our lives and built houses in a place nearby. In just one day, we made magic. This is why our slums are called Maya … Continue reading Living in the Un-magical Maya Bazaar

Satyakama’s ಸುಮ್ಮನೆ

A small village near Jamkhandi town, 68 kms away from Bagalkote resides Kalhalli – A commune of celebration and neighbourhood of love. Setting aside, the inconvenience of life, the people of Kalhalli have simplified their existence with a sense of joy, in the work they do. One can nestle himself amidst the folks here and … Continue reading Satyakama’s ಸುಮ್ಮನೆ


Irulas of Eremalai

A documentary on the lives of Irulas from the remote forests of Eremalai in Dharmapuri. Through conversations and more, we investigate the political and social exclusion of this community.


Entangled : Conversations with the Sumangalis

An investigative documentary on the Sumangali victims. Approximately 1,50,000 girls end up working under the Sumangali Scheme. Their dreams are shattered and lives are disposed. The campaign against the Sumangali Scheme continues to question the developmental models of Tamil Nadu's industrial growth. Today, it is not just Sumangali, many such employment schemes continue to plague … Continue reading Entangled : Conversations with the Sumangalis


Taxi Service Corporations haunt Auto Rickshaw Drivers

The continued penetration of Ola and Uber services in Chennai has majorly affected the auto driver's community and their lives. The minimum meter fare cap and use of digitised meters has been made mandatory by the state government. Neither is the policy being taken seriously nor is government doing anything after implementing the same. People … Continue reading Taxi Service Corporations haunt Auto Rickshaw Drivers